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Polishop - Mobile E-commerce Application Innovation

Specialized Mobile Application for Retail

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Solution for the Polishop Mobile E-commerce Application

Improving the experience of consumers using digital media with a modern e-commerce application aligned with the daily online consumption routines of Polishop customers

More than 700 products in the portfolio and many users looking for quality and high performance products, Polishop, with the intention of seeking solutions that make life easier for customers, Polishop, one of the largest retail brands, identified that its e-commerce application needed improvements and new technology in this new era of apps in the digital transformation, providing a new interface improving the customer experience with the brand.

Increased from 3.6 to 4.6 on the Play Store

From experience to quality in application development

Objective communication and the use of high quality images were crucial to impact users of the new Polishop app. For consumers using mobile devices, an image with excellent resolution is essential to view them in their smallest details and make their purchase.

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Express Delivery

Through modern B2C partnerships and concepts, Polishop prides itself on offering specialized services, such as Express Delivery, which together with Loggi managed to add value to the user's shopping experience with delivery times well below average. None of this would be possible without a dedicated X-Apps team to make this connection between technologies.

Cashback Method

Another differential of the Polishop app is to offer the cashback method for payments, which customers love. A way to capture the customer by returning a percentage of the purchase made, allowing the user to make other purchases and earn their loyalty with the brand.

VTEX Platform

A Polishop uses a VTEX platform, one of the largest e-commerce platforms in demand in the market and recognized by Gartner. They needed their entire web system to communicate with the e-commerce application, with that, the X-Apps team and its developers scaled solutions for specific brand needs.

VTEX.IO offers integration for the development of cloud software in the environment in which its code will be created, this type of resource was impossible to perform in the traditional development model, with this being able offer an efficient omnichannel channel.

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Thematic Skin

Some of the essential points for the success of the Polishop e-commerce application, was the creation of different themes for important business dates or holidays. With a qualified and dedicated team of designers and X-Apps developers, the project won thematic designs such as: Black Friday and Carnival, for example. Yes, it is possible to customize the e-commerce application the way your company needs and have your project on demand!

Mobile screens with the app open

Omnichannel - When Online is not enought

With its innovative vision in the retail market, Polishop enters the market for mobile applications e-commerce with omnichannel technology. Being only omnichannel is not the only differential for the company, you know? In a competitive market, a lot is required of retailers and Polishop managed to obtain the best of X-Apps in excellence to develop great ideas.

The idea for ​​the Polishop e-commerce application in being omnichannel is to provide the customer with an integrated sales service for physical stores, online and consumers, creating a unique and practical experience in all channels that meet their expectations. After studies and market analysis, Polishop and X-Apps marketing implemented the omnichannel concept (in-store pickup), to offer a tactile experience to the user and also even more options for their customers.

Is your company prepared to be omnichannel? Understand how and how much it costs to create an application and as soon as your company is prepared to give this new step and want to create a new reality for your client ask for a budget with X-Apps.

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"X-Apps understood our needs and particularities, in one project we managed to align excellence in development with the relationship and partner areas. Directly responsible for the growth and performance of our Polishop APP."

Bruno Miquelini - E-commerce Manager at Polishop

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